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3-2-1 Cakes

In Post Workout.

This recipe is one that many know and ones that a few coaches have shared

Here are a few variations, if you want to add some twists to the 3-2-1 cake.

Basic ingredients:
• 3T of any boxed cake mix (I use gluten free)
• 2T of Water
• Any add-on/-in that you would like; the options are endless

1. Coat a small dish or mug with nonstick spray
2. In a small bowl add 3T of cake mix, add 2T of water; mix with fork until no lumps
3. Pour into prepared dish, microwave for 1min

*Roasted Marshmallow*
• I removed cake once cooked; placed on some foil, topped with marshmallows and placed under broiler until roasted; less than 2min (this was a toaster oven, not a full size oven)
3-2-1 roasted marshmallow
*Stuffed Cake*
• I put enough of the mixed cake mix in the prepared dish/mug to cover the bottom; placed cookie/flavored syrup/morsels etc. and cover with remaining cake mix. You may need to cook a little longer for a total of 65-75sec instead of the recommended 60sec for just the cake
3-2-1 oreo

3-2-1 cake butterscotch
If you have a higher post workout allotment drizzle with extra syrup, icing, whipped cream

Jen Bower