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Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups

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Yes, another wonton wrapper recipe. This is just as versatile as the others

This can fit into any meal plan, the whole family can enjoy and the kids can create their own which would be fun to make together

Of course another great football season snack/meal

This can be fit a Carb/Protein or Carb/Protein/Fat; plus fruit too


·       Wonton wrappers (you need 2 for every “cup”

·       Chicken, diced

·       Bell pepper; diced

·       Hot sauce/Buffalo sauce

·       Cheese


1.       Preheat oven to 350°; using a muffin pan, lightly spray muffin wells with nonstick spray (only spray enough wells for the amount you are going to make

2.       In a small bowl mix together chicken, bell pepper and hot sauce

3.       Place a single wonton wrapper into each well, pressing down to stick to the bottom and sides. Using half of your mixture, evenly distribute on to each wonton wrapper cup, then top again with another wonton wrapper, pressing down to fit; stagger the corners with the first wonton layer.

4.       Even distribute the remaining mixture on top of the wonton wrapper and top with cheese

5.       Bake for 12-15min, add a few more drops of hot sauce and serve

If you are not a buffalo chicken fan you can make a pizza version, Mexican version and even a BBQ version with pineapple. The ideas are limitless so use this a guide to fit what you, or your kids want to have.

I’m sure you can do a sweet version as well with carb/fruit (protein on the side) with canned pumpkin, stevia, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and sugar free syrup…..that idea just came to me as I am typing this (my mind never shuts off when I think of how to get creative with food).


Jen Bower