Curls and Whey

About Amy Ledin


After struggling with weight issues the majority of her life, the final straw was being out of breath going up a flight of stairs, and the uncomfortable feeling Amy got when tying her shoes! This all came to her when her son was 9 months old. Amy realized she did not want to be the mother that sat on the park bench while her son ran around. She wanted to be the mother that ran around with him!
So, like most stay at home moms, she started her journey with the help of Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo and Weight Watchers. She saw results immediately and over the next year Amy lost close to 70 pounds. She was a size 8 and looked great in jeans, but underneath it all, it was a different story. She knew that the diet was key, but really needed to add in some heavy lifting and strength training. This led her to join the local recreation center and she started taking aerobics classes. Don’t hate! You know you have all tried a class or two. Not long after that, she started teaching strength training classes, and was hooked.


It was then she realized how many people were clueless when it came to nutrition. Here were all these ‘regulars’ working so hard in the gym, yet they seemed to look the same year after year. So Amy started sharing recipes with the clients she trained one-on-one. On paper, most of them would agree that they wouldn’t even attempt to make it, because it didn’t sound very appealing. Having a passion for creating healthy recipes, she was able to convince many of her clients to change their eating habits one meal at a time. Yummy food rules!

In her own attempt to take her physique to the next level, in 2007, Amy hired Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting. She worked with him for several years and after 25+ programs, she started studying her own nutrition and training programs, soaking in all she could from what Erik taught to be known as the LBC philosophy and got heavily involved on the Lean Bodies Fitness Forums. What started as a mentorship just to learn for herself, turned into her becoming an LBC-approved coach and still continues to work with Erik and Lean Bodies Consulting very closely. She has a passion to help her clients reach their goals, as she has been one to struggle for many years of her life.

Amy is always striving to expand her knowledge so she can help her clients to reach their goals while making it a lifestyle. She is a mother of 3 kids and knows just how busy life can be. Living the CWT way is something she knows all people can do, if they have the dedication in making this a lifestyle.

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