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Flank Steak Dinner

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Here is a super easy meal to make for the whole family or to prep for the week ahead This is just a protein meal – carbs and fat can be added to complete the dish Ingredients: ·       1-2lb flank steak ·       Seasoning of choice; I had a bbq seasoning mix ·       Vegetables; cut into…… More

Chicken Verde Cups

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Here is an easy recipe that can be adjusted to fit any plan. Plus it’s a great recipe for the entire family. My meal calls for: ·       70g chicken breast ·       120 calorie wrap ·       15g almonds My subs using the calculator were: ·       3 Mission corn tortillas (3 for 120 calories) ·       Avocado and full…… More

Wonton Pizzas

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After my Wonton Tacos blog, I still have a ton of wonton wrappers to use Here is a versatile recipe that you can use to fit your meal plan. This is easy to make and can be a great snack to have while you watch football This can fit a Carb/Protein meal as well as…… More

Buffalo Chicken Wonton Cups

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Yes, another wonton wrapper recipe. This is just as versatile as the others This can fit into any meal plan, the whole family can enjoy and the kids can create their own which would be fun to make together Of course another great football season snack/meal This can be fit a Carb/Protein or Carb/Protein/Fat; plus…… More

Cheesy Egg Toast

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I found this on Pinterest and thought it would be a nice change up to my breakfast, the site where I found it shows step by step photos click link below: This is another recipe that your kids can enjoy and even help make This can fit any meal plan that you are on, I’m…… More


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There are so many uses for waffle irons; I know I’ve blogged one or two (maybe three) I originally made this for a refeed meal   When I first planned my day I was going to have just a quesadilla then I thought out of the box and decided to give this a try This…… More