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Brooke Tetik

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Living your BEST LIFE!

Well, I did it!  I competed in an NPC bikini competition and actually placed 2nd in both open and novice divisions.  So much fun!

I want to thank everyone for SUPPORTING me because believe me, having support makes all the difference!  This has been a long journey for me, but one that I would not trade; as I have learned so much about myself!  I also learned so much about healthy eating and living and now have an enjoyable, balanced lifestyle that will enable me to keep this beautiful body I worked so hard to create.  Thanks to my AWESOME coach, Amy Sessions-Perez, at CWT; I had an enjoyable contest prep, loved my workouts AND my food.  I did not spend hours and hours doing mindless cardio and YES, I ATE CARBS!  I even had my daily cappuccino until about 6 weeks to the competition!  I won’t lie, there were hard days.  There were days when I just wanted to quit, when my body said no, when there were temptations, but I said yes to myself and to my plan more than I let my weaknesses get the best of me.  Yes, I doubted myself, but I trusted the process and my coach and stayed the course.