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Tanya Haire

Tanya Haire

As I sit down to write this testimonial, I find myself almost at a loss for words. I am without question beyond grateful for the opportunity to have embarked on this journey with Amy and Curls and Whey Training (CWT). My physical transformation so far has been rewarding beyond what I can express, but perhaps, even more prolific, is how I’ve transformed my awareness and my entire approach to fitness, health, and well-being.

I came to CWT with a long history of dieting and fitness yo-yo-ing. I’d run the gamut from Weight Watchers to Diet-to-Go, and pretty much every Beachbody LLC home workout program released (you know…P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, etc.). I had moderate results from these programs, each time managing to lose 10-15 pounds, but never really changing my physique. I simply changed the overall weight of my 5’4’’ jiggly frame. I could gain and lose 10 pounds like a boss, but my body, not to mention my self-esteem, felt no reward. I could run cardio circles around most, doing every form of cardio exercise available for at least an hour per day. Basically, I was a hamster on a wheel, go nowhere fast. I had always oogled the fitness magazine pictures of gorgeous women, yearning for a body that screamed fit and healthy. My ideal physique was never the Cosmo mag, waif-thin model, but the rock-hard gorgeous physiques of the fitness models gracing the pages of Muscle and Fitness Hers and Oxygen. I busted my ass like all the ladies in my workout tapes, but I sure didn’t look like them. Why?

I came across Curls and Whey Training and Lean Bodies Consulting via Facebook and started to stalk their respective pages and photo transformations. Each one was more impressive than the next. What caught my attention most of all was the fact that the after photos of these people (real people–mind you–not models) likened themselves to those bad-ass bodies I had seen in the fitness mags. These folks were transforming themselves. That was it…I wanted in.

I waited my term on the waitlist and my time hit in late April of 2012. You’d think I won the lottery with all the celebration upon the arrival of Amy’s email. In retrospect, I kinda didJ From the very beginning, I had the sense that things would be different this time. I gave myself over completely to the process and put my full faith and trust in the program that Amy gave me. There was never a doubt in my mind to do anything other than that. Compliance for me from day one was a no-brainer. I felt I had finally been given the tools to reach my goals so there was no chance in hell that I was going to let anything, or anybody (namely myself) get in my way.

I guess you could say the rest is history. I simply followed my plan with complete consistency day in and day out. In the first few months of my journey, I went on 2 family beach vacations, and managed to stay on plan throughout the entire time. Again, my plan was–dare I say–easy. I loved my food and my workouts, so why would I feel the need to cheat? I certainly didn’t feel deprived and I would only be cheating myself out of reaching my goals that much sooner.

As a coach, Amy has been wonderful; always accessible and very responsive. I workout at home, and she has made it easy to tailor my workouts to my needs. She has never been more than an email, message, text, or cell call away. The online coaching experience was completely new to me. And while I was always hellbent on my goals and thereby not necessarily needing the accountability of another person, it was quite honestly, even more rewarding to be able to share my progress with her. Every biweekly was my chance to show her how well her plan was working!

Each biweekly, I was amazed with the steady progression. I literally was watching my body change before my eyes. The more I progressed, the easier it became as I was able to experience (for literally the first time ever) the ultimate reward for my hard work…a glimpse at the body I had always wanted. I set a goal to be bikini-ready (something I have never been, mind you) for a friend’s wedding my husband and I were attending in Jamaica in December 2012. Well, December came, and for the first time in my adult life (actually in my entire life), I felt comfortable in my skin on the beach. It may sound shallow to some, but when you’ve spent so many years longing for the chance to simply feel confident in your own body, the day when that comes is simply overwhelming.

I continued to progress even through the crazy holiday season and am still plugging away as I write this. My journey isn’t over because I haven’t realized my full potential yet, and as a dedicated client of CWT, I know full-well that it’s possible. I am not a competitor, nor do I have any desire to take my journey to the stage; and that’s almost the best part of my story. I’m a regular chick, and I was able to achieve what I always thought wasn’t possible for me. And I’m still achievingJ

To say that I thank Amy and the LBC/CWT family is simply not enough. My journey has been life-changing. As I close in on my 40th birthday (less than 2 years away), I know that I am in the best shape of my life. I am more confident and just an all-around happier wife and mother. My only regret is it that I didn’t find CWT sooner.

To anyone wondering whether contacting CWT is right for you, I urge you to submit that inquiry form. I promise you, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made, and it will be your last stop in your quest for your ultimate fitness goals.

~Tanya Haire, Clarksburg, MD