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Brooke Tetik Living your BEST LIFE! Well, I did it!  I competed in an NPC bikini competition and actually placed 2nd in both open and novice divisions.  So much fun! I want to thank everyone for SUPPORTING me because believe me, having support makes all the difference!  This has been a long journey for me,…… More

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eating healthy can in fact taste yummy!

Curls and Whey's goal is to guide you on your way to an active and healthy lifestyle.

People who make proper nutrition a part of their daily lives feel better about themselves, are more productive, have more energy, and are less likely to suffer from illnesses. And lets face it, eating healthy (with portion control) makes us look good too! I hope that you'll try making some of these recipes. You will see that they do in fact taste good. Say goodbye to frozen diet meals and cardboard tasting snacks!


Get into competition shape without dangerous competition diets

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about Amy Perez

I guess it's best to start from the beginning! After struggling with weight issues the majority of my life, the final straw that "broke the camel's back" was being out of breath going up a flight of stairs, and the uncomfortable feeling I got when tying my shoes! This all came to me when my son was 9 months old. I realized I did not want to be the mother that sat on the park bench while my son ran around. I wanted to be the mother that ran around with him!

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