Curls and Whey


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There are so many uses for waffle irons; I know I’ve blogged one or two (maybe three)

I originally made this for a refeed meal


When I first planned my day I was going to have just a quesadilla then I thought out of the box and decided to give this a try

This can fit any meal plan you currently have. This can be for Carbs/Protein only as well as Carbs/Protein/Fat

Use ingredients that fit your plan


·       Tortilla; 1 large or 2 small will work

·       Cheese

·       Diced chicken, ground turkey, ground beef or shrimp (even scrambled eggs/whites)

·       Diced vegetables of your choosing

·       Optional seasonings

·       Optional salsa or hot sauce


1.       Preheat your waffle iron; while you wait get what you need for your meal ready. Using non-stick spray, lightly coat both sides of your tortilla; if using 2 then just spray the sides that will be facing the waffle iron

2.       Once your waffle iron is ready open and lay your tortilla on top, keeping it open

3.       Layer ½ of your cheese, meat and vegetables then the remaining cheese on half of your tortilla (entire if you are using 2). Fold the other half over, close the waffle iron and cook for 4-5 minutes; times may vary depending on your waffle iron (I use a Belgian waffle iron). How to example photo below


4.       Remove and cut into wedges, serve with hot sauce or salsa

When I made this for a refeed meal, I made a bbq-pineapple-chicken version with fat free cheese and a little bit of diced hatch chile peppers and onion

refeed waffle-dilla


Jen Bower