Curls and Whey


Curls & Whey Ebook


We all want great-tasting, energizing food to fuel our bodies for the day. Better Eating. Better Choices. For a Better Body has recipes to help you prepare foods to meet your needs. In these pages, I bust the myths that great-tasting food is always high in saturated fats and refined sugars or starches, and true energy foods are heavy, bland, or downright tasteless. I’ve taken it a step further, fine tuning techniques to make the most of limited time for preparing healthy meals and snacks, because I understand the juggling you do between raising children, pursuing careers, running households, and taking care of your health. I have included snack recipes for before and after workouts and complete meal selections to keep you and your family eating healthy. As an added bonus, the majority of these recipes have all been designed to work with my nutrition plan from Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies Consulting.